Mar 302010

What good is it to run a service if you don’t know how much it’s being used? I’m all about making my workstation earn its keep. I’m running Windows XP Pro (Volume License). I like Apache, I like AWStats, and AWStats will handle streaming media server logs!

Xampp (Awesome-ness for installing a webserver on a windows workstation)

Xampp + AWStats

AWStats + Media Services

Scheduled tasks does the interesting things here…. It runs under my credentials, I have it run multiple times per day, copy the log files from the media server (which my username has administrative rights to, but isn’t required if the log folder is shared) and update AWStats.

copy /y \mediaserverc$WINDOWSsystem32LogFilesWMSMountPoint*.log C:wms
C:xamppperlbinperl.exe -config=mediaconfigname -update > C:awstatsmediaupdatelog.txt

Mar 302010

So, streaming audio… to more than a few people… I managed to put together something that has been pretty much rock solid for over a year using nothing but what we had laying around.  SUCCESS!

Encoder Setup

Windows Media Encoder 9 Series


Windows Media Encoder 9 Series SDK

SRVSTART (Runs a command as a service)

A very old version of Centurion Guard (

Windows XP Pro
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Mar 152010

Being the generally paranoid sort, I’m pretty careful with my toys/gadgets/electronic devices… but a while ago, I bought an older IBM ThinkPad (T30 to be specific) so I wouldn’t risk anything expensive with my crazy schemes. Since I’m not very attached and rather careless with my craptop , I want to make sure my data won’t be stolen with the craptop.

Running Windows XP pro with TrueCrypt full disk encryption. It requires a password to boot up.  It’s much better than having to wonder who’s looking at my stuff if my laptop is ever stolen.