Mar 142012

This is just a quick and dirty script to delete MythTV recordings that had been previously transcoded and moved to the stream directory, but have since been autoexpired out of MythTV. This is an issue because trying to pull data outta the MythTV recording database about a recording that has been deleted causes an error because the entry isn’t there anymore. All it does is loop through each file in the stream directory and if it doesn’t exist in /var/lib/mythtv/recordings/ it gets deleted.

Contents of:
/usr/local/bin/ Continue reading »

Nov 262011

I was wondering what the signal really does at the cable modem, so I’m scraping it with perl and WWW::Curl::Easy

Modem Information:
Cox Communications
Motorola Surfboard SB5101

All I’m doing is grabbing the signal status page from the modem and pulling out the signal quality data using perl.

If you have this page, you’re probably good –


Just rename the download, adjust the line endings, if needed, change the logging file, and set up a cron job to run however often you’re interested. The output is tab separated text file, perfect for importing into Excel.

Nov 052011

Here’s the live streaming laser kitties

Live broadcasting by Ustream

They stream live for 15 minutes at the top of every hour. How does such magic happen automatically? Continue reading »

Sep 232011

I’m not a fan of doing tedious things over and over, so I try to engineer around the problems, if possible. I’ve sanitized the scripts below a little, but the general idea is still there. We had a medication dispensing cart that didn’t have a bulk user manager, so all user accounts had to be created through the GUI. That would really suck… so I made a list of accounts in Excel, made some autohotkey shortcuts to run a few vbscripts to throw keypresses into a VNC session. I used autoit to handle mouse movements because the recorder tool that comes with it is just too easy to use.

Anyhoo, what follows is a peek behind the curtain. Continue reading »