Sep 112011

My GF and her roommate are huge fans of disney movies. I can’t say I blame them. When I found out there was a SingStar made with Disney songs, I knew we had to play it. I don’t advocate piracy, but it was only released in the UK and isn’t easily available in the US.

SingStar Disney Song list!

Of course I live in the US and most devices here are NTSC only, so when I launched the game from HDLoader, it looked worse than crap. Thank goodness I remembered my super-cheapo tvbox I bought from Newegg that doesn’t care if the input is PAL, NTSC, or SECAM. It has VGA out, which is perfect for my GF’s Sony TV with VGA in!

Kworld TVBox 1440

Sep 112011

What to do with an aging Playstation 2? Hack it and make backup copies of all your games, of course. When the read laser finally dies, the games can still be played!


Disclaimer: For personal backup purposes only, etc.

I happened to have an ActionReplay Max for PS2—USA__EF000306.aspx


I also happened to have some original playstation games, so I went with the independence exploit method of installing Free McBoot

I had purchased a PS2 network adapter from the local gamestop when they were almost giving them away and I have spare IDE hard drives, so I’m using HDLoader to store my games. I like its interface better than Open PS2 Loader.


May 052010

I bought this a while ago. It was rather disappointing, so I’m getting rid of it.

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