Feb 282010

This is pretty cool!

My friend had a WRT54G V3 that was acting up. It came into my possession for tinkering. After failure with OpenWRT and wifi, I tried Tomato.  There were a few tricky bits, like TFTPing the firmware to the router required the use of a switch cuz my laptop didn’t enable the network fast enough, and holding the reset button while powering up the router.


The real-time traffic graphing is pretty badass! The wireless site survey and wireless bridge is pretty sweet too!

Jul 042009

The attic was hot. Mounting a large fan in the vent seemed to help, but it was drawing 5.5A continuously, which is too much for the thermostat/humidistat my roommate bought. He left it on all the time, which is quite a bit of wasted power. I’ve seen 1wire devices online for quite a while and I’ve always wanted to play with them. The easiest way I can afford to connect sensors to computer is with 1wire. I’ve found my excuse.


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