Mar 092013

I suppose this post is a little out of order. It should have preceded Rimage DTP-4500 RAS 13 Initialization Sequence

I had popped the side off my RAS 13 and looked at the port that had been used to control the autoloader. It was a mini din 8 pin port. It was connected to a serial level converter chip. I took this as a sign it used RS232. There were 4 pins actually connected to the chip, 1, 2, 3, and 8. Pin 5 was connected to ground. Picture: Control PCB inside RAS 13

Some trial and error with the breadboard. Picture: Messy Breadboard

Once I had the proof of concept, I wanted to order some connectors to make it a little tidier.

Diagram of cable connection. Note: both ends are looking into male connectors. Check out my Skills of an Artist!

Connectors are pretty easy to find. I ordered from mouser and sparkfun since I was ordering other stuff too.

Mar 032013

Continuing my current obsession with ripping DVDs is my perlification of jmos1277’s Automated DVD ripping script using DVDFab

I’m using DVDFab to rip since it doesn’t seem to get tripped up as often with weird copy protection crap.


Luckily, Win32::DriveInfo will give me the volume name of the DVD. If I get time, I’ll rewrite so it checks for duplicates and appends the date&time to get a unique filename for output. It’s a little annoying when 3 discs are all named “DVD_VIDEO”.

I’m not setting it as an autorun action for the DVD drive because I’m going to call it from the ripinator script. Continue reading »

Mar 032013

A continuation of one of my previous projects.

Each command starts with the nonprintable ascii character ESC (x1B) and ends with a capital C.
Each reply starts with the nonprintable ascii character ESC (x1B) and ends with EOT (x04). Since that looks pretty ugly in a terminal, I replace ESC with a + sign and the EOT with an = sign.

In the known command list, the commands aren’t indented and the known replies are indented.

I smacked together a little bit of perl to verify I was understanding the commands correctly.
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Oct 032012

I’m sure many people have many solutions to managing the version of Java installed on their workstations, but this is the one I liked. I’m keeping these notes mostly for my own benefit.

The post almost to the bottom by SpellJammer | 02/28/2012 | is pretty awesome.
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Aug 022012

One of the drawbacks of living outside of city limits in Iowa… Internet connectivity is an issue. Century Link (formerly Qwest) is the telco for the area and our ISP. The service has never been stable, or even close. If good fortune was smiling upon us, it would stay connected for 6 hours or so. I think it was more normal to get 15-90 minutes of internets at a time. A tech did look at our connection, and things have improved, but it’s still not great.

I wanted to test the house wiring before blaming the ISP or the house. Luckily CenturyLink has a support page on exactly this topic.

Unplugged the house and plugged directly into the line feeding the house.

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Jun 172012

A couple years ago, my girlfriend wanted to make some ice cream. I didn’t have anything going on, so of course I was up for this.

We went to Wal-Mart and got a Rival FRRVCB40-BL. It seems to work pretty well, especially for only being $25. I mostly go by the recipe in the manual, but I don’t like it that rich, so I tweaked it a bit. Continue reading »

Jun 152012

There was a lot of lightning with the storm last night. I thought it looked pretty cool. When I got home, I stuck a webcam in the window, ran a USB extension across my room, installed Yawcam on my laptop and let it run overnight. I woke up to a few pretty cool pictures. It was dark, so I just guessed with aiming the webcam. I re-positioned it after the first picture so I got more of the sky.

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Jun 132012

This was a quick hack with some perl to chop up the logs and spit out the results I wanted.

This is not normally something I would share, but I want to be able to find it again, should I have a need for it. The first one replaces the non-printable characters and separates the transmit and receive lines to improve printed readability. Continue reading »

Jun 122012

Initialization sequence for Rimage RTP-4500 RAS 13 autoloader duplicator robot.

Serial sniffing with Beyond Logic RS-232 Protocol Analyser in ASCII mode.

For interception, I made a cable with 2 8-pin mini din connectors wired straight through after patching through a solderless breadboard. Connection to PC is 38400-8-N-1 using hardware flow control. I will post pinout and diagram later. For now, Pictures of the hardware and connections. Rimage Serial Sniffing – Second Attempt

Video recorded using Blueberry software BB FlashBack Express.

Logged output from the rs232 protocol analyser has been reformatted with a bit of perl to make reading easier. I chose 80 chars for the column width because it matches what the protocol analyser displays in the video. Each line is broken into two lines. The first line is what’s sent from the computer/printer to the autoloader. The second line is the response. To make things printable, I replaced the ASCII ESC character (hex x1B) with a plus + symbol and the ASCII EOT character (hex x04) with an = symbol.

So far, it seems all commands and replies start with ESC! and all replies end with EOT. Log file from initialization follows. Continue reading »