Jun 022012

Hobbies are great. Everyone should have a hobby. Hobbies are even better when shared! What to do on a lazy Saturday? Teach my fiance to solder!

My local RadioShack stocks some Velleman MiniKits. I bought her a Flashing LED Sweetheart kit. I think it’s a great first kit because it’s all through-hole construction with large pads. The part count isn’t too high, but there’s enough that assembly isn’t completely trivial. Construction Manual


After a quick demonstration, she jumped right in.


Inspecting her work with a magnifying glass. Attention to detail is a very good thing here.


It’s a little difficult at first to understand letting the solder flow into the joints. It took a few components to really master that concept.


Of course I have to take some pictures of her grinning while soldering.



Picture of the packaging and instructions. It’s pretty easy to follow, but I would have liked to see a little explanation of why the circuit works the way it does.


Attention to detail pays off in the end. It worked on the first try!


Look at these smooth solder joints. Much cleaner than my first soldering project, however many years ago that was.

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