Nov 122011

The cameras I’m using were like $10 at walmart and are so crappy they don’t have a website. I can’t recommend using these.

Difficulty: the driver for these cameras is so cheap that it will cause windows to bluescreen if you plug two of them into the same computer.

Please, I beg you, find yourself something better, like a 2.0 MP autofocus webcam by rocketfish, like $15 on eBay.

I had recently installed mythbuntu in virtualbox on my laptop so I could test my video transcode scripts. It already had apache installed and configured, so i just installed imagemagick and created a symbolic link to my web dir.


raging@mythrage:~/pictemp$ ls
cam1.jpg cam2.jpg montage.jpg pic

raging@mythrage:~/pictemp$ cat
# Loop forever
while :
# grab jpeg frames from dorgem
wget -O cam1.jpg
wget -O cam2.jpg
# cameras are mounted sideways. rotate left 90 degrees
convert cam1.jpg -rotate -90 cam1.jpg
convert cam2.jpg -rotate -90 cam2.jpg
# I’m still not sure about montage, but this seems to be working
montage cam1.jpg cam2.jpg -geometry +4+4 montage.jpg
done # Start over

sudo ln -s /home/raging/pictemp/ /var/www/pic

The mythbuntu VM was at, so I set the source of the ipcam to and had it detect dimensions. I launched splitcam and skype. I have 2 accounts, so i signed in to different accounts and called myself, seeing video in stereo!

If this got any more ghetto, I might be on

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