Mar 022008

It’s almost done!

Hanging on the wall, doin its thing.

Inside view. Made hole in wall to run wires into other room for power/network/audio out.


Computer case fans, running off +5v from the only USB port on the craptop.

Using a hasp to keep it closed.

Now that it’s done, what music should I put on it? I’m looking for party music. Please IM/Email/Call Me/TXT Cell/Leave suggestions in comments!

  2 Responses to “Almost Done!”

  1. Very impressive Ben. Weird, but impressive.

    One song that you must include (because of the jukebox reference) is I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett. Actually anything by Joan Jett is cool since she is (was) hot.

  2. The party song from aquateen hunger force!
    “party party party, we’re gonna have a party…”
    lol, its perfect for… idunno parties? lol. more of a joke than a song… but great as a funny song to start a party…

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